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The Major League Baseball Players Association (“MLBPA”) is the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for all Major League Baseball Players, Minor League Baseball Players who are employed by a Major League Club (“Club”) in the United States and Canada, and individuals who may become Major or Minor League Baseball Players. 

As stated in the MLBPA’s Agent Regulations, an individual is prohibited from engaging in activities which require MLBPA certification unless and until that individual has been certified by the MLBPA.  


There are four different types of MLBPA Certification: General Certified Agents, Certified Minor League Agents, Limited Certified Agents, and Expert Agent Advisors.


The deadline to apply for MLBPA Certification was June 1, 2024. The MLBPA is no longer accepting any more applications for the 2024 round of testing.


The 2024 MLBPA Agent Exam will take place on September 12, 2024. The exam will take place online with remote proctoring. The MLBPA will also conduct an online preparatory session for the exam on Wednesday September 11, 2024. 

To be eligible for MLBPA Certification, an applicant must:



  • Complete the online Application for MLBPA Certification;


  • Submit a non-refundable Application fee of $2,500;


  • Submit a signed “Declaration by Applicant”;


  • Provide permission for the MLBPA to conduct a background investigation;


  • Successfully complete the background investigation;


  • Pass the written examination; and


  • Submit to the MLBPA a valid and appropriate designation form applicable to the type of certification sought.


For more information about the application process and answers to commonly asked questions, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions. 


If you have any questions concerning an Application or the Agent Regulations, please contact Robert Guerra at, Aisha Hope at or 212-826-0808.

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